Feeona had always been drawn to CfBT, even in her younger years when she knew little about the organisation. What initially attracted her was the diversity of people from various walks of life who came to learn and work at CfBT. Despite her aspirations, she felt underqualified and decided to hold back from applying, thinking she wasn’t yet ready. 

It was only after gaining a few years of experience in another company that Feeona felt more confident in pursuing her dream of working at CfBT. The perfect opportunity arose when she discovered a job opening as the Property and Facilities (P&F) officer in 2021—a role that matched her qualifications. Filled with nervousness, she applied and, fortunately, was offered the job. She commenced working with the Housing Department team on June 1st, 2021. 

Her journey at CfBT began amid unexpected challenges as the pandemic hit Brunei. While still adjusting to her new role, Feeona’s responsibilities involved inspecting houses for teachers when they arrived or left Brunei. Working closely with her fellow officer, Reha, who guided her during the induction, and supported by Sophie, the P&F manager, Feeona slowly settled into her new job. 

“The training was intense. I had to learn all the procedures quickly,” she shared, recalling the difficulties of dealing with the constant fear of being exposed to Covid due to the frequent interactions with teachers coming and leaving. 

During the pandemic’s first wave, the induction program for teachers moved online, and Feeona helped ensure the safety of teachers during their quarantine period. House inspections continued despite the lockdown. As the pandemic eased and people returned to the office, Feeona faced new challenges, including a busy schedule with frequent travels for inspections. Collaborating with Reha, they efficiently divided and conquered their assigned districts. 

“We make coffee, check our emails, and do our work in the morning, then perform 2-3 inspections in the afternoon. Each house inspection can take 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the size and condition of the accommodation,” Feeona explained. 

Besides conducting inspections, Feeona sometimes mediates between teachers and landlords to resolve issues. One of her most rewarding achievements was successfully solving a challenging housing-related problem, always striving for a compromise that benefits both parties. She summarized her department’s mission as:  

“Doing their best for teachers, as they make Brunei their second home” 

Feeona’s job scope requires her to face one of her greatest fears: public speaking. This involves delivering presentations to the teachers during the IP. Despite her initial apprehension, with Reha’s support and encouragement, she mustered the courage to confront her fear and enrolled in a course by the TLC called “Impactful Presentations.” This decision marked a turning point, leading her to continuous learning and growth. 

Feeona’s enthusiasm for learning originated from her belief in the importance of leveling up to keep pace with changes. She did not see age as a barrier to learning; she recognised the need to efficiently perform her job. Her dedication to self-improvement also extends to enrolling in a grammar course to enhance her communication skills in writing and speaking. 

When asked about her connection to CfBT’s values, Feeona emphasised her belief in integrity, a principle instilled in her since childhood. She values speaking the truth and being truthful to oneself while giving people the benefit of the doubt and focusing on the positive. 

As Feeona reflects on her journey, she expresses her next aspiration—taking on a leadership role. Her previous experience as a leader fulfilled her deeply. She felt energised guiding employees to realise their potential, especially when they lacked self-belief. Witnessing their growth and progress was extremely rewarding. 

“It is my desire to empower others on a similar journey of self- discovery and growth.” Feeona remarked.