Professional Development Opportunities at CfBT

CfBT Project Leadership Roles
CfBT, as a part of its contract, also partners with the ministry of Education anually on a range of national educational initiatives and programmes. CfBT teachers, without exception, contribute to these proactively as qualified and experienced specialists in participant, support or lead roles. Our project lead and support roles are advertised internally, to our professional teaching experts in Brunei, and are remunerated based on the scope and detail of work required. Our teachers have been involved as national teacher trainers for O level and IGCSE ESL, national assessment writers, school and cluster-based professional development facilitators, programme and materials developers and student support programme delivery specialists.
Internal Continuing Professional Development
CfBT provides all teachers with a number of annual internally-led compulsory and optional continuing professional development options. These may range from topics such as best practices in Assessment for Learning (AfL) and differentiated classrooms to use of ICT and its effective integration in English lessons. Workshops are led by the Education Project Management teams or teachers themselves.
TET Fellowship and TET Blog
Established in 2012, the Tropical English Teacher (TET) Fellowship supports educational community outreach programmes in ASEAN countries and India. CfBT provides teachers with a $500 sponsorship to volunteer their time during the school holidays to communities and countries in development. Teachers are normally provided with room and board in their host community in exchange for teaching in local schools or teacher training assistance. CfBT has established links with a number of schools with our teachers having volunteered their time and expertise in a range of contexts, communities and countries including India, Thailand, Indonesia (Bali and Java), Laos, Cambodia and Nepal.
Language Awareness Course
CfBT provides newly arrived teachers with a theoretical and practical language awareness mini-course to extend professional knowledge and skills for immediate classroom use and impact. It aims to support new teachers in the delivery of their programmes in the Bruneian context.
Malay Language Course
Malay language courses are offered at beginners level each year with intermediate courses on offer according to demand. The course features survival Malay, classroom language, staff room language and the language of school administration. The Malay language course is run by our CfBT Training and Learning Centre (TLC) and all teachers are fully funded for one such course.
Partnering with our CfBT Training and Learning Centre (TLC), we run the Cambridge CELTA course annually and on-site in our Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB) centre. We also provide access and support for those wishing to undertake their Distance DELTA. Both courses are significantly funded by CfBT, allowing teachers to further enhance their teaching skills and acquire externally accredited and internationally recognised ELT qualifications.
In-service Awards
Building on the original Platov Awards, CfBT makes funding available to teachers undertaking relevant distance learning postgraduate degrees. These degrees are typically based in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Canada. Teachers share the knowledge gained with the wider community via the TET blog.
CIE and CIE Courses
CfBT Education services is a registered Cambridge Centre and as such is able to provide all teachers with personal passwords and access to all areas of the CIE website. This is especially useful to those teachers involved in teaching the O Level and IGCSE ESL syllabus. The site provides access to their entire bank of past papers, mark schemes and examiner’s reports together with current syllabuses and planned changes.

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Derek Fleming

 I live in a very remote area and really enjoy the peace and beauty. I also like the people here who are uniformly friendly, polite and welcoming.

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Helen D'Bouk

  It’s a relaxing place within a beautiful natural environment: the greenery, vegetation, jungle, rivers and sea.

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Tania Jo Murphy

Everything! I first came to Brunei for what I was convinced would be a “2 year experience”, but even after 18 years I have no intention of leaving anytime soon.

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Tracy Wilson

 The people, the food, the lifestyle. The people are friendly and accommodating, they are just as curious about your culture as you are of theirs.

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Trevor Clements

 The people are polite and friendly. It is a relaxed pace of life surrounded by beautiful tropical nature.

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