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The starting salary calculations are based on qualifications and documented full academic years’ experience (or equivalent) prior to joining CfBT in Brunei. During the approval process, the Ministry of Education determines whether applicants are assigned Honours or Non-Honours status.

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Contract completion bonus (CCB)

This will be payable on completion of the contract period.


Contract length

A 2 year contract from January. If teachers arrive mid year then the contract runs from their date of arrival up to the end of December in the following year. E.g. if someone arrives in June 2018 they will have a contract to December 2019.



At the beginning and end of an employee’s contract, for employees and family members. An annual travel allowance is paid thereafter if the employee renews contract.



Generously sized furnished accommodation (typically 3-4 bedrooms) is provided to teachers. Teachers are responsible for paying the utilities (gas, electricity, internet, TV etc). On arrival teachers are housed in either a hotel or an apartment for the period of the induction programme (IP). During the IP they will be shown a number of houses within driving distance of their school, that are within budget and can select their preferred accommodation.


Dependent schooling

An Education Allowance for up to two children from the age of five (or three if a teaching couple). More details provided upon request. 


Teachers will need to purchase a car and a loan is available.



Incoming and outgoing baggage allowance provided. More information available upon request.


Spousal and dependent allowance

An allowance is provided for up to 3 pre-school dependents. There is no allowance for spouses.


Settling in allowance

A settling in allowance is provided upon a teacher’s arrival. More information available upon request. 

CfBT Brunei Group Medical Insurance


i. CfBT provides medical insurance cover for all full-time employees other than Brunei citizens (yellow/red identity card holders), who are covered by the government health care provision. CfBT also provides fully subsidised medical cover for all dependents however, this is subject to change as CfBT reviews insurance cost annually.
ii. Group Medical Cover is compulsory for all CfBT employees and dependents resident in Brunei. The policy is provided by AIA Co.Ltd, organised through BR-Nancy
iii. Due to recent changes to policy implemented by the Ministry of Health, children under the age of 12 are not necessarily entitled to free government healthcare. CfBT, therefore, extends its AIA Insurance Policy to all children under 12 at no additional cost. However, it is recommended you make government clinics or hospitals as your first port of call for medical care for this age group as the Insurance Policy is only a safety measure and the majority of children still enjoy free health care in government hospitals and clinics.
iv. Limit of indemnity: in addition to Room and Board benefit, B$50,000 per person per disability and in the aggregate per policy period.
v. B$5,000 per person for outpatient treatment in the aggregate per policy period
vi. The policy covers out-patient and in-patient treatments. An excess of B$300 per claim is applicable for out-patient treatment. The policy also includes 24 hour worldwide cover.
vii. Dependents over the age of 65 are not eligible to join the Group Medical Insurance scheme but CfBT will seek to source the best value insurance for the age group and will pay 50% of the premium.

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Derek Fleming

 I live in a very remote area and really enjoy the peace and beauty. I also like the people here who are uniformly friendly, polite and welcoming.

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Helen D'Bouk

  It’s a relaxing place within a beautiful natural environment: the greenery, vegetation, jungle, rivers and sea.

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Tania Jo Murphy

Everything! I first came to Brunei for what I was convinced would be a “2 year experience”, but even after 18 years I have no intention of leaving anytime soon.

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Tracy Wilson

 The people, the food, the lifestyle. The people are friendly and accommodating, they are just as curious about your culture as you are of theirs.

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Trevor Clements

 The people are polite and friendly. It is a relaxed pace of life surrounded by beautiful tropical nature.

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