Teaching and learning centre
The Training and Learning Centre (TLC) at CfBT is a small part of a very big whole. As the name suggests, we exist to provide all things training and learning-related: to adults, companies and children. Whether you want your staff to make more of an impact when giving presentations, your child to be more confident in speaking English or succeeding in Mathematics or you want to get a great IELTS score to study or live overseas, we have a product that will meet your needs.

Corporate Training

We never forget that effective training impacts on the bottom line. Ultimately, everything we do is guided by this. You will get a bespoke product that fully meets your unique business needs. From helping clients to write and deliver better presentations, to cross-cultural communications or tailored train-the-trainer courses, our range is in-depth and impactful.

Adult Learning Language Courses

As language training specialists we offer unparalleled language training options in Brunei. Wheteher you are an individual looking to gain a high IELTS score to study, live or work abroad or you want to secure that promotion and English is the key, we have the right course for you.

Learning and Numeracy Coaching Programme

The LNCP is fully imbedded within the Ministry of Education and is working to implement pedagogical reform in every government and Ministry of Religious Affairs primary and secondary school in Brunei.

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