Educational initiative and programmes at CfBT
We are actively engaged in a variety of English-related projects and programmes aimed at improving language and learning.

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) have been organised as a framework for promoting professional learning for teachers. PLCs are facilitated by a combination of CfBT and Bruneian teachers in primary and secondary schools and clusters throughout Brunei. The goal is to develop teaching practices through a focused and measurable process which results in improved professional practice and therefore improved outcomes for learners. This continuing professional development model is grounded in teachers leading teachers.

Our Brunei PLC model was adapted from the national model developed by our parent company Education Development Trust (formerly CfBT) in Wales and is defined as a “group of practitioners working together using a structured process of classroom enquiry. The enquiry focuses on a specific area of learning and teaching to improve learner outcomes ( A key feature of this process of professional learning is that it directly links to classroom practice and focuses on an area selected by the teachers themselves.


IGCSE ESL AdVantage Student Support Programme

IGCSE AdVantage is a national programme with students from all secondary schools across Brunei participating. The core objective of IGCSE AdVantage (Ad from the Latin ‘towards’ and Vantage ‘position of strategic advantage’) student support programme is to increase the number of students who achieve a Grade C (Credit) in their external examination. The programme is designed to ensure standardised, strategic and sustained support to target threshold students through a series of cluster and school-based activities led by passionate CfBT teacher facilitators. Activities build student confidence and skills, including learner independence, and tailored, quality resources help support programme delivery.

The programme, delivered over a six-month period in cluster and school-based blocks, builds on prior learning and sets ambitious but achievable performance goals for participating students, motivating learners to strive for their academic best.

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