Our new brand identity aims to communicate our values and strong commitment to our mission as we strengthen our partnerships and as our presence continues to grow in Brunei’s education marketplace.
CfBT brand refresh
Learn more about our strong commitment to delivering excellent teaching to students across the whole country, in partnership with Brunei’s Ministry of Education.
The world’s leading English Language Teaching project
A case study of successful education reform at scale in Brunei Darussalam.
Raising student achievement in literacy and numeracy
Term 2 Mathletics classes are now open for registration.
Transforming the learning of Maths with Mathletics
Take the international standardized test of English language to enable you to study abroad.
The only IELTS examination centre in Brunei

What do we do at CfBT?

Our focus is to raise the proficiency and attainment levels of Bruneian students through high impact teaching and learning in classrooms, through specialized national support and intervention programmes, and through the continuous building of our own and local capacity in English classrooms across most primary and all secondary schools and sixth form colleges, in Brunei. By placing qualified, expert teachers in government schools, we aim to deliver innovative 21st-century teaching, engaging students to become proficient English language speakers and dynamic learners. We operate a comprehensive and total performance management system with ongoing and rigorous quality assurance measures through a team of dedicated, qualified and experienced Education Project Managers who work in alignment with MoE clusters to support teachers in all schools throughout the academic year.

English Language Teaching Project

CfBT Brunei’s English Language Teaching contract with the Ministry of Education was awarded in 1985 with 15 teachers. We currently recruit and manage 200 English language specialists.

Learning and Numeracy Coaching Programme

The LNCP is fully imbedded within the Ministry of Education and is working to implement pedagogical reform in every government and Ministry of Religious Affairs primary and secondary school in Brunei.

Training and Learning Centre

Providing local training solutions with inernationally-benchmarked facillitators, trainers and teachers. Your one-stop training delivering world class training.

Examination Centre

With 10 years of successful examinations operations, CfBT Examination Centre is the only IELTS test centre in Brunei Darussalam.

Employee & Dependents

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Talk to our staff

Primary Teacher

Millie Marriner

As a non-muslim I feel safe, comfortable and accepted wholly by my colleagues and neighbours. You can make a good living, save well and be financially comfortable.

Secondary Teacher

Anna Van Schalwyk

I would recommend Brunei to any teachers who would like to live and work in a country that is safe, peaceful and quiet.

Primary Literacy Coach

Cathy Hadfield

We have been living this wonderful life for 7+ years and we still enjoy it. It’s a beautiful safe country and a great place to base yourself for travel and savings.

Primary Teacher

Alex Theuma

Students are well behaved and my school is very well resourced. On the whole, it is a much easier environment to work in.

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