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What’s it like to be a CfBT teacher in Brunei?

We understand that moving far away from home to start a new life and career is a big step. To answer some questions you may have, we interviewed some of our teachers and staff members for a window into the life of a CfBT teacher, both professionally and outside of work.

Q&A Interviews

Derek Fleming

 I live in a very remote area and really enjoy the peace and beauty. I also like the people here who are uniformly friendly, polite and welcoming.

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Helen D'Bouk

  It’s a relaxing place within a beautiful natural environment: the greenery, vegetation, jungle, rivers and sea.

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Tania Jo Murphy

Everything! I first came to Brunei for what I was convinced would be a “2 year experience”, but even after 18 years I have no intention of leaving anytime soon.

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Tracy Wilson

 The people, the food, the lifestyle. The people are friendly and accommodating, they are just as curious about your culture as you are of theirs.

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Trevor Clements

 The people are polite and friendly. It is a relaxed pace of life surrounded by beautiful tropical nature.

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Samantha Herron

Brunei is a safe and welcoming country and I have never felt nervous or uncomfortable walking and exploring on my own, both during the day and at night. 

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