What is it really like teaching in Brunei?

It’s not easy to just pack up and move to Brunei, especially when there’s little information about the country online. These Q&A interviews may be useful to hear first hand stories from the perspectives of teachers currently living in Brunei. In these series of interviews we provide you with details about a day in the life of an expat teacher in Brunei. You will learn more about life inside and outside the classroom, their honest opinions of living in Brunei, and much more.

Talk to our staff

Primary Teacher

Millie Marriner

As a non-muslim I feel safe, comfortable and accepted wholly by my colleagues and neighbours. You can make a good living, save well and be financially comfortable.

Secondary Teacher

Anna Van Schalwyk

I would recommend Brunei to any teachers who would like to live and work in a country that is safe, peaceful and quiet.

Primary Literacy Coach

Cathy Hadfield

We have been living this wonderful life for 7+ years and we still enjoy it. It’s a beautiful safe country and a great place to base yourself for travel and savings.

Primary Teacher

Alex Theuma

Students are well behaved and my school is very well resourced. On the whole, it is a much easier environment to work in.

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