What’s it like to be a CfBT teacher in Brunei?

We understand that moving far away from home to start a new life and career is a big step. To answer some questions you may have, we interviewed some of our teachers and staff members for a window into the life of a CfBT teacher, both professionally and outside of work. Please select a category below to view the corresponding videos

Support upon arrival and throughout a CfBT teacher's contract

What is the Arrival Process Like for CfBT Teachers Coming to Brunei?


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Welfare Support at CfBT in Brunei  


From the minute teachers arrive in Brunei, our welfare officers are ready to assist, advise and guide with matters ranging from the employment medical process to supporting non-working spouses as they settle into Brunei.

HR Support at CfBT in Brunei


The HR department at CfBT are here to assist all CfBT teachers with a range of issues including immigration, policies & procedures and much more.

Where Will I Stay in Brunei [CfBT Teacher]


Our property and facilities officer, Reha shares information about the temporary accommodation that’s provided to all teachers upon arrival as well as the process of finding permanent accommodation.

Financial Support at CfBT in Brunei

From a settling in allowance, to financial support for your child’s education, the finance department support all teachers on a wide range of financial matters.

Preparing for the First Day of Teaching in Brunei [CfBT]


Our teacher Todd Campbell tells us more about the support provided by CfBT’s Education Project Managers to ensure teachers are fully prepared for their first day of teaching in Brunei.

Resources for CfBT Teachers at Our Training and Learning Centre


Our Training and Learning Centre provides access to computers, photocopiers, scanners and much more for all CfBT teachers

Primary English teaching with CfBT in Brunei

What’s It Like to be the Only Expatriate Teacher at a Bruneian Government School?

Our teacher Aleki moved to Brunei in 2017. He shares his perspective on the joys of collaborating with his warm and welcoming Bruneian teaching colleagues.

What is a Typical Working Day Like for a CfBT Primary English Teacher in Brunei?

Our teacher Valene describes her day from start to finish, from morning classes to compulsory stay backs several times a week.

What are the Primary Government Schools Like in Brunei

There are a wide range of schools in Brunei, our teacher Yasmin describes them and tells us about the school’s she’s taught in throughout her time at CfBT.

Resources at Primary Schools in Brunei

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Teaching Primary Students in Brunei Government Schools [CfBT]

One of our longest serving CfBT teachers, Karen, shares her fulfilling experience of young primary students in Brunei.

What’s it like to be a CfBT Teacher at a Primary school in Brunei?

As the English language experts of the school, CfBT teachers are expected to be involved in a range of activities and programs at their schools. Click play to hear what our teacher Nicki has to say about this.

What’s it Like to Teach at a Rural School in Brunei? [CfBT]

Our teacher Nicola shares her joyful experience of teaching at a rural school in Menunggol Brunei with her warm and friendly colleagues.

What Support is Provided by the Education Project Managers Throughout a CfBT Teacher’s Contract?

All CfBT teachers deliver high impact teaching with the collective aim of improving English proficiency across Brunei. Janine, one of our Education Project Managers (EPMs), shares how EPMs form close working relationships with all teachers to ensure the targets are consistently met and that teachers are fully supported throughout their teaching contract with CfBT.

Secondary English teaching with CfBT in Brunei

What’s it like to be a CfBT Teacher at a Secondary school in Brunei?

Our teacher Nik shares his wonderful experience of being a CfBT teacher and some lessons he’s learnt in over 10 years of teaching in Brunei.

What is a Typical Working Day Like for a CfBT Secondary English Teacher in Brunei?

Our teacher John describes his teaching day from start to finish and shares some useful advice for new teachers.

What Are Secondary Government Schools Like in Brunei

Our teacher, Tamara shares information about how schools are selected for teachers and what secondary schools are like in Brunei.

Resources at Secondary Schools in Brunei

Shafeek has been a part of the CfBT family since 2003. He shares what resources are available for Secondary teachers and how this may vary depending on the school you are placed at.

Teaching Secondary Students in Brunei Government Schools [CfBT]

Our teacher Nadine expresses her joy of teaching brilliant young Bruneian students. She shares her approach to shaping the best learning experience for her students.

Support From our Project Management Team at CfBT

Our teacher Nireshni shares some of the challenges she faced as a new teacher and how she overcame these with the support of her Education Project Manager.

Professional Development Opportunities for CfBT Teachers in Brunei

CfBT provides opportunities for teachers to take part in professional development programs. Our teacher Harrinder gives us insight on the intervention strategies she’s been working on in collaboration with both CfBT and Bruneian teaching colleagues.

How are CfBT Teachers Managed in Brunei

Our secondary Education Project Manager (EPM), Jennyfer, shares how our teachers are managed at CfBT and what support EPMs provide to all teachers.

What Life is Like for Expat Families in Brunei

A snapshot into Ian and his family’s life in Brunei [CfBT]

Ian and his wife left New Zealand in 2006 to raise their family in Brunei. Hit play to hear what life has been like for him and his family in the abode of peace.

Adilla on moving to Brunei as a single parent [CfBT]

Adilla shares how she overcame her anxieties of moving halfway across the globe to Brunei as a single parent.

Education for your children in Brunei – Home schooling

Rory and his wife moved to Brunei in 2019. He shares his wonderful experience so far and talks through the decision they made to home school their four children in Brunei. Hit play to learn more!

Family Life in Kuala Belait, Brunei [CfBT Teacher]

Tania joined CfBT in 2000 and has been enjoying tropical Brunei ever since! Hit play to learn more about her story.

Activities for kids and teenagers in Brunei [CfBT]

Vikki shares the wide variety of exciting activities your children can take part in, in Brunei. Hit play to learn more!

Life for Sarah’s kids in Brunei [CfBT teacher]

Like many other parents moving to another country, Sarah was worried about how much her kids would fit in at their new school in Brunei. Hit play to see how fantastic things turned out for her once she settled into Brunei.

Life Outside of Work in Brunei

Life Outside of Work in Brunei 

Our teachers work very hard alongside their national colleagues to deliver excellent teaching to the students of Brunei. It is therefore important that they balance their time taking up some activities or hobbies outside of work. Moana lists the many options you can choose from in Brunei; from relaxing on the beach, exploring jungles, forming a music band, cooking clubs and so much more!

Jungle running in Brunei 

After a fulfilling day of teaching the wonderful students of Brunei, Christo loves to spend his time running through Brunei’s untouched jungles and on Brunei’s gorgeous beaches.

Forming a music band in Brunei

Many of our CfBT teachers have a passion for music. Christopher is one of them and his passion drove him to taking the initiative of forming a band! His band consists of other CfBT teachers and some national Bruneians too. They play at private events, and sometimes even at gigs across the border!

Women’s touch rugby in Brunei

Cathy has been teaching in Brunei since 2010. Outside working hours, she loves to play sport, so much so that she took the opportunity to form her own women’s touch rugby team in Brunei!

Sailing at the Royal Brunei Yacht Club in Brunei

Outside of work as a CfBT teacher, Alison loves to spend her free time sailing at the Royal Brunei Yacht Club. Learn more about sailing in Brunei as well as what activities are on offer at the Yacht Club!

Mountain biking in Brunei

There are many hobbies you can take up in Brunei. Our CfBT teacher Ben loves the thrill of mountain biking through Brunei’s rainforests and beaches! He shares more about the excitement of this and how he’s made many Bruneian friends along the way.

CfBT Professional Development in Brunei

Opportunities for Professional Development in Brunei [CfBT]

At CfBT, we offer our teachers with many professional development opportunities, both internally and externally. Our Education Project Manager Dave shares more information about this.

The Cambridge CELTA at CfBT

CfBT’s Training and Learning Centre is the only approved CELTA centre in Borneo. Our teacher Chris sheds light on CfBT’s CELTA course format that’s specifically designed around our teachers’ working calendars.


Language Awareness Course at CfBT

Hannah shares some information about the enjoyable and interesting language awareness course we include in our Induction Programme.


Professional Learning Communities with CfBT and Ministry of Education Brunei

CfBT’s core focus in Brunei is partnering with the Ministry of Education to assist in the realisation of their strategic goals. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) were introduced to provide meaningful and individualised professional development. Learn more from our Head of Primary, Alisa.

Facilitating PLC workshops with CfBT

To develop his presentation and facilitation skills, Richard participated in the development and delivery of PLCs in Bruneian schools.

Is it possible to Study a Master’s Degree While Working as a CfBT Teacher?

Combining study and work is commonplace for CfBT teachers. Angela shares how she managed her time and the resources CfBT provide to help teachers throughout the process.

CfBT Tropical English Teacher Fellowship

We offer all our teachers with an opportunity to support educational development projects in an ASEAN country of their choice. Maria travelled to Laos to volunteer at an English Language Development support centre.

O’ Level Examination Training for Teachers in Brunei

Preetha shares information about the O’Level training that is offered to both CfBT and Bruneian teachers. The aim of this training is to ensure all teachers have the relevant skills and knowledge to deliver the curriculum with confidence and ease.

Delivering Professional Development Workshops in Brunei [Roisin]

Roisin was involved in a national teacher support programme, where she delivered sessions on assessment setting and effective use of resources in teaching and learning.

Delivering Professional Development Workshops in Brunei [Vikki]

Vikki has delivered numerous professional development programs at scale. This includes one-on-one mentoring, delivery to small groups and whole school presentations.

CfBT English Language teaching project

CfBT English Language teaching project [Country Manager]

Our Country Manager, Dominic Morley, describes our partnership with the Ministry of Education in Brunei.


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