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A teacher who has experience in teaching aboriginal students in remote central Australia.

Age: 44

Nationality: Australian

Home: Bendigo Victoria, Australia

Has been in Brunei for 13 years.

What do you like most about Brunei?

The time I have with my family and the cost of living!!

Please describe where you live.

After spending 10 years in Temburong, (which we absolutely loved) we needed to transfer to Bandar as children needed to start school. We have been in Bandar now for three year.  Our house is lovely and we are living near ISB international school.  There are many expats around this area.  There is no shortage of shopping complexes and places to eat and thus no need to really go into the heart of the city.

Please describe a typical working day.

Go to work at 6.45am, classes start at 7.30am.  I currently have 2 Pra classes and a Year 1.  So, 3 hours of timetabled contact time a day.  I also support the other English teachers in the school.  I am generally home by 2.30pm unless there is some professional development or staff meeting scheduled.

How does teaching in Brunei compare to home? (e.g. discipline, teaching hours, admin load, etc)

Students are well behaved and my school is very well resourced. Administration is a little more involved here as we must write lesson plans for every lesson. But on the whole, it is a much easier environment to work in.

What do you do in your free time?

These days’ free time is spent with my wife and two boys. We do a lot of swimming, riding our bikes, excursions to beaches and chilling at home in the air-condition on those very hot days :).

What do you do in your holidays?

When our holidays match the international school, we go travelling either back to Australia or around Asia. We have done several road trips around Borneo as a family during the shorter holidays.

What would you say to a teacher thinking about Brunei?

DO IT!!!!!!!!! But make sure it is for you! Do this by talking to existing teachers and doing your research.

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