What’s it like to be a CfBT Teacher at a Secondary school in Brunei?

Our teacher Nik shares his wonderful experience of being a CfBT teacher and some lessons he’s learnt in over 10 years of teaching in Brunei.

What is a Typical Working Day Like for a CfBT Secondary English Teacher in Brunei?

Our teacher John describes his teaching day from start to finish and shares some useful advice for new teachers.

What Are Secondary Government Schools Like in Brunei

Our teacher, Tamara shares information about how schools are selected for teachers and what secondary schools are like in Brunei.

Resources at Secondary Schools in Brunei

Shafeek has been a part of the CfBT family since 2003. He shares what resources are available for Secondary teachers and how this may vary depending on the school you are placed at.

Teaching Secondary Students in Brunei Government Schools [CfBT]

Our teacher Nadine expresses her joy of teaching brilliant young Bruneian students. She shares her approach to shaping the best learning experience for her students.

Support From our Project Management Team at CfBT

Our teacher Nireshni shares some of the challenges she faced as a new teacher and how she overcame these with the support of her Education Project Manager.

Professional Development Opportunities for CfBT Teachers in Brunei

CfBT provides opportunities for teachers to take part in professional development programs. Our teacher Harrinder gives us insight on the intervention strategies she’s been working on in collaboration with both CfBT and Bruneian teaching colleagues.

How are CfBT Teachers Managed in Brunei

Our secondary Education Project Manager (EPM), Jennyfer, shares how our teachers are managed at CfBT and what support EPMs provide to all teachers.