What’s It Like to be the Only Expatriate Teacher at a Bruneian Government School?

Our teacher Aleki moved to Brunei in 2017. He shares his perspective on the joys of collaborating with his warm and welcoming Bruneian teaching colleagues.

What is a Typical Working Day Like for a CfBT Primary English Teacher in Brunei?

Our teacher Valene describes her day from start to finish, from morning classes to compulsory stay backs several times a week.

What are the Primary Government Schools Like in Brunei

There are a wide range of schools in Brunei, our teacher Yasmin describes them and tells us about the school’s she’s taught in throughout her time at CfBT.

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Teaching Primary Students in Brunei Government Schools [CfBT]

One of our longest serving CfBT teachers, Karen, shares her fulfilling experience of young primary students in Brunei.

What’s it like to be a CfBT Teacher at a Primary school in Brunei?

As the English language experts of the school, CfBT teachers are expected to be involved in a range of activities and programs at their schools. Click play to hear what our teacher Nicki has to say about this.

What’s it Like to Teach at a Rural School in Brunei? [CfBT]

Our teacher Nicola shares her joyful experience of teaching at a rural school in Menunggol Brunei with her warm and friendly colleagues.

What Support is Provided by the Education Project Managers Throughout a CfBT Teacher’s Contract?

All CfBT teachers deliver high impact teaching with the collective aim of improving English proficiency across Brunei. Janine, one of our Education Project Managers (EPMs), shares how EPMs form close working relationships with all teachers to ensure the targets are consistently met and that teachers are fully supported throughout their teaching contract with CfBT.