What: Our Objectives and goals

The overall objective of the Literacy and Numeracy Coaching Programme (LNCP) is to raise standards in English literacy and numeracy across Government and Ministry of Religious Affairs schools in Brunei. Our goals are that:

Who is involved

The LNCP is fully imbedded within the Ministry of Education and is working to implement pedagogical reform in every government and Ministry of Religious Affairs primary and secondary school in Brunei.
  • International Coaches are highly qualified and experienced teachers with literacy and/or numeracy expertise. They work with Learning Partners in every school, provide ongoing support to accredited Local Coaches, and provide pedagogical reform support to all teachers of English and/or mathematics.
  • Local Coaches are also experts in their field who have gone through the LNCP selection, training and accreditation process. They will have ongoing responsibility for continuing the objectives of LNCP beyond the end of the current contract.
  • Ministry of Education senior staff work within and alongside the LNCP team to ensure the success of the LNCP at all levels. This close relationship also aims to build capacity within the Ministry of Education to lead, govern and sustain the LNCP post June 2019.
  • Education Development Trust / International Education Experts contributed in the inception phase and continue to be involved in the capacity building programme through implementation.

How: our topline methodology

Mastery Learning

The LNCP is applying a Mastery Learning approach as the basis of educational reform in Brunei. This approach includes:

  • Structure and organise lessons effectively
  • Teach content dialogically
  • Design effective learning tasks
  • Assess learning continuously


International and Local Coaches support teachers and schools through using a ‘T-GROW’ model of coaching (Topic, Goal, Reality, Options, Way forward). This is allied to careful selection of information, resources and training materials to support team teaching, demonstration lessons, classroom observation and professional dialogue with Learning Partners. This creates a balance of taught input with questioning and support to help build the teachers’ capacity to use the approaches that they have been introduced.

When: start and end dates

There are two phases to the LNCP:
  • The Inception Phase took place from September to December 2016. This was the design and build phase of the project.
  • The Delivery Phase was officially launched by the Minister of Education on 5 December 2017 and commenced on 3 January 2017. This phase will conclude on 30 June 2019.

Where: where we carry out the work

The International and Local Coaches work across all four regions in Brunei; Brunei-Muara, Tutong, Kuala Belait and Temburong. Our project management team spend time out in schools with School Leaders and Coaches and also between our project offices in the Ministry of Education, CfBT office and the Brunei Darussalam Teacher Academy (the BDTA).