Life Outside of Work in Brunei 

Our teachers work very hard alongside their national colleagues to deliver excellent teaching to the students of Brunei. It is therefore important that they balance their time taking up some activities or hobbies outside of work. Moana lists the many options you can choose from in Brunei; from relaxing on the beach, exploring jungles, forming a music band, cooking clubs and so much more!

Jungle running in Brunei 

After a fulfilling day of teaching the wonderful students of Brunei, Christo loves to spend his time running through Brunei’s untouched jungles and on Brunei’s gorgeous beaches.

Forming a music band in Brunei

Many of our CfBT teachers have a passion for music. Christopher is one of them and his passion drove him to taking the initiative of forming a band! His band consists of other CfBT teachers and some national Bruneians too. They play at private events, and sometimes even at gigs across the border!

Women’s touch rugby in Brunei

Cathy has been teaching in Brunei since 2010. Outside working hours, she loves to play sport, so much so that she took the opportunity to form her own women’s touch rugby team in Brunei!

Sailing at the Royal Brunei Yacht Club in Brunei

Outside of work as a CfBT teacher, Alison loves to spend her free time sailing at the Royal Brunei Yacht Club. Learn more about sailing in Brunei as well as what activities are on offer at the Yacht Club!

Mountain biking in Brunei

There are many hobbies you can take up in Brunei. Our CfBT teacher Ben loves the thrill of mountain biking through Brunei’s rainforests and beaches! He shares more about the excitement of this and how he’s made many Bruneian friends along the way.