The Training and Learning Centre (TLC) at CfBT is a small part of a very big whole. At the core of our corporate training in Brunei are three individuals. Behind these three are a vast array of global leaders in all areas of coaching, mentoring and training. The TLC as part of Education Development Trust, is able to draw on these respected leaders to offer unparalleled training solutions for Bruneian companies and the wider ASEAN region.


Robert Tunnell

MA, BA(Hons), CELTA, DELTA, Dip (Humanities), CELTA/DELTA Trainer, CELT-P Trainer

Head of Training and Learning, Rob has been working as a trainer and teacher trainer for 17 years. A former small business manager in banking, Rob moved into teaching English in 1999, and has since worked and lived on 4 continents.

Rob has presented at several conferences and has headed up business development trips in both Russia and the Ukraine.

As a trainer, Rob has worked with both SMEs and multi-nationals and at government and diplomatic levels. Rob brings a range of general and project management experience to the team.

Enda Cunningham


Enda has managed teams in 3 countries and has a solid business background. Enda headed up operations in China where he also remotely directed multiple teams. Having worked at both university and private industry, Enda brings commercial nous and know how. In 2017 Enda was part of an international team, quality assuring a large-scale training programme in Jordan. He also qualified as a CELTA teacher trainer in July.

Enda has presented at a host of international conferences and on a range of topics.

As a trainer in Brunei, Enda has written materials, and delivered bespoke training for a number of Brunei’s leading companies.


Paul Booth

Paul is a policy advisor to national Goverments, who has led on system reform and is an accomplished and internationally respected headteacher. Paul focuses on leadership development, teacher training and coaching, and in his education work on curriculum design and whole school improvement with a particular interest in translating policy into practice.

Paul has diverse experience at a national education system level, developing, delivering and monitoring national policy and its effectiveness, such as the School Effectiveness framework and the Literacy and Numeracy framework in Wales, and the initial teacher training framework for the Future Teaching Scholars programme in England. In Brunei, Paul has worked with several corporations and, in his education work, for departments within the Ministry of Education to develop the Brunei Literacy and Numeracy standards and their strategic implementation plan. Paul is solutions focused and driven by a strong sense of moral purpose.

Dominic Morley

FFCA, BA(Hons) Econ, CELTA

As Chief Executive of CfBT in Brunei, Dominic is responsible for the educational impact, operational delivery and financial performance of the company. He has been based in Brunei for 8 years and as a qualified accountant he has used his expertise in corporate governance, commercial finance and project management to lead corporate and school acquisitions, plan educational projects including Ofsted Inspections in the UK, Girls Education Challenge in Kenya and teacher consultant contracts in Singapore as well as manage CfBt’s larger projects in Brunei.

Since leaving nuclear engineering in 2001 Dominic has concentrated exclusively on educationally focused projects and used his financial expertise in the UK, Malaysia South Africa, Kenya, and Oman.

Dominic is a member of Education Development Trust’s Senior Management Group, which oversees global risk management,
business development, educational consultancy and corporate governance. In 2016 he undertook a CELTA to enhance his
understanding of English Language teaching.