Opportunities for Professional Development in Brunei [CfBT]

At CfBT, we offer our teachers with many professional development opportunities, both internally and externally. Our Education Project Manager Dave shares more information about this.

The Cambridge CELTA at CfBT

CfBT’s Training and Learning Centre is the only approved CELTA centre in Borneo. Our teacher Chris sheds light on CfBT’s CELTA course format that’s specifically designed around our teachers’ working calendars.

Language Awareness Course at CfBT

Hannah shares some information about the enjoyable and interesting language awareness course we include in our Induction Programme.

Professional Learning Communities with CfBT and Ministry of Education Brunei

CfBT’s core focus in Brunei is partnering with the Ministry of Education to assist in the realisation of their strategic goals. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) were introduced to provide meaningful and individualised professional development. Learn more from our Head of Primary, Alisa.

Facilitating PLC workshops with CfBT

To develop his presentation and facilitation skills, Richard participated in the development and delivery of PLCs in Bruneian schools.

Is it possible to Study a Master’s Degree While Working as a CfBT Teacher?

Combining study and work is commonplace for CfBT teachers. Angela shares how she managed her time and the resources CfBT provide to help teachers throughout the process.

CfBT Tropical English Teacher Fellowship

We offer all our teachers with an opportunity to support educational development projects in an ASEAN country of their choice. Maria travelled to Laos to volunteer at an English Language Development support centre.

O’ Level Examination Training for Teachers in Brunei

Preetha shares information about the O’Level training that is offered to both CfBT and Bruneian teachers. The aim of this training is to ensure all teachers have the relevant skills and knowledge to deliver the curriculum with confidence and ease.

Delivering Professional Development Workshops in Brunei [Roisin]

Roisin was involved in a national teacher support programme, where she delivered sessions on assessment setting and effective use of resources in teaching and learning.

Delivering Professional Development Workshops in Brunei [Vikki]

Vikki has delivered numerous professional development programs at scale. This includes one-on-one mentoring, delivery to small groups and whole school presentations.