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CfBT has developed internet and CD-ROM-based English language learning courses and runs ICT training programmes for teachers.

CfBT Software Development Summary
  • Key Skills in Comprehension [NEW]

    Key Skills Comprehension comprises a student's book and CD-ROM, which prepare upper secondary students for the 'O' Level English Language Examination. Produced by Learners Publishing of Singapore, the book teaches the skills required to tackle the comprehension section of Paper II. Apart from extensive coverage of the necessary skills the book also contains 10 practice papers. The accompanying CD-ROM contains 18 passages with a variety of on-screen activities that further practise the user's comprehension skills.

  • ASEAN Multimedia English [NEW]

    ASEAN Multimedia English consists of a CD ROM, workbook, answer key and user's guide. It is divided into 3 levels with 32 texts per level dealing with life and traditions in the 10 ASEAN countries. It includes an interactive bilingual dictionary with sound files - students can select Malay, Thai, Chinese or Tamil, as well as monolingual English. (AME was shortlisted for the 2005 British Council ELT Innovations Awards in the UK.)

  • Multimedia English

    Multimedia English consists of 88 texts divided into 6 levels ranging from post-elementary to post-intermediate level. Each text is accompanied by a variety of language activities for on-screen completion as well as worksheets for consolidation. (MME was short-listed for the British Council ELT Innovation Awards in 2003.)

    A CD-ROM for secondary schools in Malaysia, Brunei and the region Multimedia English develops reading and writing skills in English language. It is currently being used in over 140 Government secondary schools in Peninsular Malaysia.

  • Critical Thinking

    Critical Thinking presents an overview of skills required for tertiary study. These skills include students' ability to critically analyse written and spoken language, to understand the nature of information presented in speeches and in the media, and to construct logical arguments in formal essays.

  • Web Of Words

    Web of Words provides extensive practice for a wide range of grammar items and structures from the Brunei and Malaysia lower secondary English language syllabi. Exercises can be attempted on-screen with immediate feedback and correction, or printed off as hard-copy reinforcement of class work.

  • PMB English

    PMB English presents and practises the skills required for the lower secondary Form 3 examination in Brunei. This multimedia interactive CD-ROM provides students with practice in oral examination skills as well as reading, writing and summary skills.

  • PSR Success (Primary Certificate in Education)

    PSR Success helps teachers prepare Primary 6 students in Brunei for the national upper primary English language exam. It consists of a CD ROM and workbook which include specimen papers, topic-based exams, revision sheets, comprehension tests and mini dictations. There are also teaching tips and an answer key.

  • English in the Early Years

    English in the Early Years provides an interactive multimedia English picture dictionary to build phonic awareness, develop vocabulary and consolidate simple sentence structures. Customisable readers, workbooks and games for lower primary students are also included. (English in the Early Years won a BICTA award in 2004 and represented Brunei at APICTA 2004 in Hong Kong.)

  • Lower Primary Reading Resources

    Lower Primary Reading Resources are for teachers of Primary 1 to 3 classes in Brunei. Teachers can simply print off graded readers, workbooks and language games to practise the Brunei English language syllabus. However these CD-ROMs also enable teachers to tailor-make resources for their classes by importing their own illustrations and editing texts.

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