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Secondary Schools

CfBT's twin aims in the Secondary Project are to raise the general standard of English in the schools, as well as improving the performance of the students in the national and international examinations. This is in line with Brunei’s bilingual education policy. CfBT currently employs 187 teachers on the Secondary Project, including 6th from colleges.

Schools vary in size across the country from 500 students to over 2000 and may, in some cases, operate a morning and an afternoon shift in order to serve their catchment areas. Most schools have language laboratories, computers, audio-visual equipment and duplicating facilities and all have libraries (although maintenance of these may be lacking). Teaching materials are adequate and CfBT has assisted the Curriculum Development Department of the Ministry of Education in the production of the English textbook series for Forms 1 to 5 published by Macmillan. Teachers are encouraged however to develop their own material for classroom use to supplement the textbooks.

As in primary schools, regular tests and examinations are a prominent feature of school life and students sit a national examination (PMB) at the end of year 3 and GCE ‘O’ level at the end of Form 5.

Form 1 students range from 12 to 18 years of age, although the majority will be between 12 and 14 years. Classes are usually of 30 students, although they can be bigger or smaller. Students generally have a reasonable passive grasp of English although their productive skills are more limited, particularly in the skill of writing.

As well as classroom teaching, teachers will have other duties to perform, such as those of a form teacher, and all are expected to be involved in extra-curricular activities outside normal teaching hours several times a week. In addition, they may be required to supervise students taking part in celebrations on national holidays at various times during the year. There is very little organised inter-school sport on a regular basis, but some teachers with the necessary skills and enthusiasm have become involved in coaching sport within their schools.

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