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Gateway to English

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The Curriculum Development Department, in cooperation with Macmillan Publishers and CfBT, launched this innovative new resource at the ASEAN-EC Management Centre on 27th March 2006. We are grateful to Pengiran Dato Dr Hj Mohammad bin Pg Hj Abdul Rahman, Deputy Minister of Education, for consenting to officiate at the launch.

Designed to support lower secondary teachers and their students preparing for the PMB examination, the Gateway to English website forms an integral part of the recently completed ‘Gateway’ textbook course by providing additional revision, extension and enrichment materials for Forms 1, 2 and 3. This consists of worksheets, stories, poems, reading texts, exam practice and tapescripts. There are also links to other sites containing resources and tips on methodology.

We hope the site proves informative and useful and we look forward to receiving feedback to assist in its future development.

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