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ESL in the Mainstream

This in-service programme is proving highly successful for teachers working with students from non-English speaking backgrounds. Developed in South Australia by the Department of Education, Training and Employment, it is acclaimed in primary schools throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Hong Kong. Designed for the general classroom teacher as well as the ESL specialist, it promotes collaborative teaching skills and knowledge about how students learn.

CfBT offers this course to teachers who are keen to:
  • develop awareness of approaches to learning materials and teaching practices
  • enhance understanding of the language related needs of learners from non-English speaking backgrounds and ways of meeting those needs
  • commit to continuing professional development
  • gain a certificate recognised by international schools and other employers worldwide
Course Outline

there are ten 3-hour workshops and participants should expect to spend approximately three hours a week preparing activities for future sessions. Sessions are practical with participants leading discussions and presenting some activities. A comprehensive manual with materials and information needed for each workshop is included.

Course Topics
  • Who are our students and what are their educational needs?
  • Second language learning and the classroom environment
  • Assisting ESL students with reading and writing
  • Oral language development and group work
  • Implementing a culturally inclusive curriculum
  • Working collaboratively, rethinking practices and expanding horizons.

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